Our Physiotherapy Department is equipped to treat different super specialized fields like, Musculo-skeletal, Cardio Regeneratory Neuro surgery, Neurological, Paediatrics – where physiotherapy is primary and essential part of treatment. This also includes pre and post operative patients of trauma and children with developmental disorders. Physical Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovery for patients treated for diseases that affect mobility and those who are Bed Ridden for longer period of time.

Dr. Jagjit & his team are providing Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services with dedication & complete satisfaction to patient round the clock.

Services provided by Department of Physiotherapy are:

Orthopedic/Musculo Skeletal Rehabilitation

  • Joint Replacement & sports Injury
  • Trauma
  • Regenerative conditions like RA, OA, Spondolytis
  • Biomedical Disorders
  • Amputations, Arthritis

Neuro Surgery/Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Craniotomy, Spinal Fracture, Disc Problems
  • Stroke, Parkinsons Disease
  • Nerve Palsies, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cardio Respiratory Rehabilitation
  • COPD, pneumonia and other respiratory disorders
  • CABG, Valve replacement